How to Change Related List view in Salesforce Lightning

Records in Salesforce include details and links to other related records. Salesforce Classic displays related records in lists that appear at the bottom of the page. If we see the Salesforce classic related list it provides a rich data view than the Lightning experience default(Basic List) related list. No worries,We have solution for this(Enhanced List.). List see the three different type of Related List View and How to change the Related List Type in Salesforce Lightning.

Related list Type :

  • Basic List(Default).
  • Tile.
  • Enhanced List.

Basic List(Default) :


Enhanced List :

Let’s have a look for change the Related list Type in Salesforce Lightning

Step-1: Open Account record -> Click on edit page from setup.


Step-3: Click on related list section as per below image.

Step-4: Choose the Related List Type and Click Save.

Note : If this layout is not activated previously, then we have to activate and assign to Org default or App or Profile wise. Please refer here.

Finally we got the Tile view related list view.

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