How to Auto Sync Quote to Opportunity for Customer Approval

The default Syncing feature in Quote is used to update customer products from Quote to Opportunity automatically. You need to click ‘Start Sync‘ button then what are the products added in the quote it will automatically be updated into related opportunity specified in the quote.


Sometimes the customer approved quote with products it will need to update in opportunity without click ‘Start Sync‘ button. How is this possible? yes, this is possible to use process builder and flows. We have given the solution below.

Step 1 – Create Flows

Goto – Setup -> Build -> Create -> Workflow & Approvals -> Flows

Click Variable in the left side Resources. Create new QuoteId Variable like below.

Same as to create Opportunity Variable.

Select Record update from left side of the Palette option

Check the Opportunity id and update syncquoteid.

Click Save button on the top of the page, enter the name of the flow and activate it.

Step -2 – Create Process Builder

Goto –

Setup -> Build -> Create -> Workflow & Approvals -> Process Builder

Select ‘Quote‘ object and select the below option (It will check the condition in status picklist).

Select ‘Flow Execution action’ and Flow name

Click Activate button.

Result :-

You have to set ‘Status as Approved’, it will change syncing check box without click ‘start sync’ button.

———————————– We hope it will help you ——————————–

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