How to attach files to Report Subscriptions in Salesforce

when the user wants to subscribe to a report, the user needs to click on the subscribe button in the report run page and if the user wants to attach files to report subscriptions in salesforce then the user need to select comma-separated (.csv) or a formatted spreadsheet (.xlsx) file while uploading the attachment and then the report results received through email according to the selected format.


Step-1: Firstly, Go to Setup and Type “Reports” in Quick Find Box.

Step-2: In the search Results, click on Reports and Dashboard Settings.

Step-3: In the User Interface Section, look for “Let users attach reports as files to report subscription emails in Lightning Experience” check box and select that check box.

showing how to enable Let users attach reports as files to report subscription emails in Lightning Experience option

Step-4: After that, Click on Save Button.

Step-5: Click on the “Reports” Tab and Select a report.

Step-6: Go to the report run page and Click on Subscribe Button.

Step-7: Then Edit Subscription Page will pop up.

Note: In the Edit Subscription Page, the user needs to select frequency, days, time, report run as, the user can add conditions to the report. Based on the conditions of the report, the report results are sent through email attachment.

Step-8: Click on Attach File

Step-9: Now, Choose Details Only option.

Note: By default, the attachment format is comma delimited (.csv) and you can change the encoding according to your preference.

Step-10: Then the Edit subscription dialog shows that the subscription includes an attachment.

Note: To remove the attachment, click on Edit button on the attachment in the edit subscription page and then the edit attachment dialog box will pop up. After that, click on Remove Attachment button in the dialog box, then the attachment will be removed.

Step-11:  Finally, fill the other necessary details such as frequency, etc and click on Save Button.

Reference : Attach Files to Report Subscriptions

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