How to add Visualforce page Tab in Salesforce1 Mobile App

We are all know that web tabs are not supported in salesforce1 mobile app, so we are gonna create a visualforce page to achieve our requirement. So in this blog we going to see how to add a visualforce page as tab in Salesforce1 mobile app. This visualforce page tab configuration is nothing but creating new Tab using visualforce page in native user interface. Let’s see the step by step process of “How to add Visualforce Page tab in Salesforce1 Mobile app”.

Step-1 : In setup, search for tab and under the create we can see tab option, click it.

Step-2 : In Visualforce tab section, Select New,

Visualforce Tab

Step-3 : Then We Have to select Visualforce page and enter needed information( in this scenario we have created one Sample Visualforce Page.

Step-4 : Then we have to give permissions.

Visualforce Tab

Step-5 : In setup, Search Visualforce Page, and edit Visualforce Page we used in visualforce tab.

Mobile option enable

Note : We have to Enable Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app check box.

Step-8: We can see the list of available tabs and selected tabs list as shown in below image.

Salesforce App Navigation

We have to add visualforce tab(as we created just now) into selected tab list in Navigation Menu Items (references).

Step-7 : Launch the Salesforce1 Mobile app, Now We can see the newly Created visualforce page tab.


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Salesforce Mobile App Requirements