How to add the Organization Business Hours in Salesforce

Specify the hours when our support team is available to serve customers. This helps make our department’s processes, such as escalations and milestones, more accurate.

Purpose to Set the Business Hours:

Setting business hours lets we apply specific time zones and locations to:

  1. Milestones in entitlement processes
  2. Entitlement processes
  3. Cases
  4. Case escalation rules

We can also make the Business Hours field available on the Case Layout page so that our support agents can set the times a support team is available to work on the case. By default, business hours are set 24 hours, seven days a week in the default time zone specified in our organization’s profile.

Additionally, users with the “Customize Application” permission can add business hours to escalation rules so that when the details of a case match the criteria of an escalation rule, the case is automatically updated and escalated with the times and location on the rule. For example, a case updated with Los Angeles business hours escalates only when a support team in Los Angeles is available.

To set business hours:

Step 1: From Setup, enter Business Hours in the Quick Find box, then select Business Hours.

Step2: Click New Business Hours.

entitlement processes

Step3: Type a name for the business hours.

entitlement processes

Step4: Click Active to allow users to associate the business hours with cases, escalation rules, milestones, and entitlement processes.

Entitlement processes

Step5: Optionally, click Use these business hours as the default to set the business hours as the default business hours on all new cases

Entitlement processes

Step6: Choose a time zone to associate with the business hours in the Time Zone drop-down list.

Entitlement processes

Step7: Set our business hours for each day of the week.

entitlement processes

Step8:Click Save and Active.

Business Hours in Salesforce
Entitlement processes

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