How to Add the holidays in Salesforce

Holidays let us specify the dates and times our customer support team is unavailable. After We create a holiday, We can associate it with business hours to suspend business hours and escalation rules during holiday dates and times. Also it will help us to run our business accordingly.

In this Blog we are going to see the steps to add holidays in our Salesforce Org.

Follow the Steps :

Step-1: Search for the Company profile in the Setup Search Bar and select the Holidays in the available list.


Step-2 : Once Open the Holiday option, Click new button to create new Holiday on our Org.


Step-3 : Then we need to update the basic information about the Holiday. If it’s a recurring holiday for our org, we need to Check the checkbox named Recurring holiday. Once it is checked we can see the Recurring holiday section.


Step-4: We need to Enter the information about the Recurring holiday information in this Section with date and time.


Step-5 : After the Successful input, we can save the Holiday. it will be added to our Holiday list.

Now we can see the added Holiday list like in the picture below.

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