How To Add the Custom Tabs in Salesforce1 Mobile App

For easy access of any Salesforce lightning pages, lightning components, visual force pages or any other productivity items we can create tabs. But how these tabs we can make available in Salesforce mobile app? To do this follow the below steps.

The Mobile Only app is the default navigation experience for the Salesforce mobile app. Admins customize the navigation menu for Mobile Only in Setup. Users see the navigation items when they tap Menu in the navigation bar. The first four items also appear in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Step-1: Create a tab in desktop for that item we want to access in mobile app.

Step-2: Go to Setup and in Quick find box search Salesforce Navigation.

Step-3: We can see the list of available tabs and selected tabs list as shown in below image.

Salesforce App Navigation

Step-4: Select the tab we want to add from available list to Selected List. In our case we will add a visual force page tab to mobile app called Live Stream Scanner. So we choose that tab and click on Add.

Note: If we choose visual force page tab, We have to check Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app check box in that visual force page.

Step-5: If we need to arrange the order of that tab in Selected List, then through Up, Down button we can arrange it. Then click on Save.

Step-6: Now we  can see the tab in Salesforce Mobile app. So we will login to Salesforce in mobile app and click on Menu icon in bottom right corner. Then in menu list we can see our tab.

Salesforce Result

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