How to Add Organization Wide Email Address in Salesforce

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What is Organization-Wide Addresses?

An organization-wide email address associates a single email address to a user profile. Each user in the profile can send email using this address. Users will share the same display name and email address.

To Setup Organization wide addess follow the below steps,

Step 1 : Go to Setup

Step 2 : Enter Organization-Wide Addresses in Quick find box

Step 3 : Select Organization-Wide Addresses

Step 4 : Click “Add” Button to Add the Organization-Wide Email Addresses

Step 5: Enter the display name and email address

Step 6 : Select any one option from the below based on your requirements and click “Save”.

  • Allow All Profiles to Use this From Address
  • Allow Only Selected Profiles to Use the From Address (refer the below image).

This blog information is very helpful to learn about organization-wide email address.

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