How to add more Buttons in Lightning Record Page

Generally, while working in lightning and classic experience we may have observed one thing that if the record detail page contains more than 3 buttons those are visible in classic record detail page but in lightning record detail page highlight panel only 3 buttons shows and other buttons show as drop down list. But sometime customer want to see buttons in lightning highlight panel itself without drop down. So we will know here how to place more action buttons in highlight panel, how many buttons we can place here and if any limitation is there or not.

We can see for below record, there is more than 3 buttons are available. But after 3, other buttons are showing in drop down list.

Follow below steps to place more action buttons in highlight panel.

Step: 1 Click on gear icon at top right. Click on Edit Page.

Step: 2 Click on Highlight panel section and in right side we see a number field (highlighted in below image). Need to enter how many number of action buttons we want to see in highlight panel. By default 3 will be there. We have entered 8 here.

Step: 3 Click on Save. Then back to our record page. We can see now 8 action buttons are showing in highlight panel and others are in drop down.


  1. As per the limitation, maximum 10 numbers of buttons we can place in highlight panel.
  2. Suppose we have increased our screen resolution that time it may show less number of buttons than what the number we set.

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