How to access Recycle Bin in Salesforce Lightning

Whenever We are trying to access the recycle bin while we are in Lightning, we have to switch our version to Salesforce classic. But now no need to switch back to Salesforce classic.

Yes, We can now view, recover and permanently delete the Records in our own recycle bin and org’s Recycle bin without switching classic.

 Step 1: Click App Launcher

 Step 2: Search “Recycle bin” in search box

Step 3: Select Recycle Bin.

 Step 4 : Select the Recycle Bin which one we want to access

Here we can Delete and restore records from Recycle Bin By clicking “Delete” or “Restore” button.

 To restore –> select records we want to restore and click the restore button

To permanently delete –> all the records in our Org’s bin click Empty Org Recycle Bin.