How Merfantz Handle the Support Queries?

Merfantz, a partner at your doorstep for a solution. Our customers have a great experience with our services and products. We as the best Salesforce development company in India have an organized system to serve customer requests effectively. Handling Support Queries and Customer Service are equally important to us.

Handling Support  Queries:

Firstly, we listen to the customer when a query arises . Then assess the situation and ask for their  need and preferences. Accordingly, The query goes through 3 tiers. The queries will be assigned to the concerned team on their complexity. Our experienced Developers give answer  to the queries.

In Salesforce ,Query comes through  the Salesforce ticketing system. This is entirely cloud based. Once the ticket initiates it goes through  certain process to meet its requirement. Overall there are multiple benefits with the Salesforce ticketing system. Furthermore ,it is highly beneficial for business in the context of Customer Service Management.

Process of Assigning a Query:

Our Business System Analyst will assign tickets based on the request to each tier. Each tier has it own boundaries and limitations. (Tier 1 are usually fresher developers with Administrator Certification. Tier2 are developers with a minimum of 6 months of experience & Tier 3 are experienced developers with a minimum of 2 years of experience in Salesforce. As an Illustration few key steps  that helps to understand  the process of a query.

Tier 1:

  • User Setup.(Assign profiles, roles &  other user data).
  • Field creation, Field update  and picklist.
  • Validation rules creation and update.
  • Layout changes, Formula field creations and update.
  • Reports, dashboards creations, modifications and even more..

Tier 2:

  • New object setup including profile setup and layout.
  • New PDF page creation, following
  • Custom warning message
  • Bulk update more than one object likewise more than 500 records.
  • Existing Trigger, apex class and visual force page update accordingly.
  • In detail flow and process builder.

Tier 3:

  • New apex trigger.
  • Custom Visual Force Page ,component development.
  • Specifically Lighting flow updates.
  • Lightning Component, LWC development.
  • Lastly, Sharing Controls (Record level access, roles, territory)
  • Final deployments. |Salesforce Integrations.|

Merfantz being a Salesforce ISV Partner  likewise a Salesforce Customer Service company handles Support Queries in an efficient way. Above all we follow up with customer not only to see how they feel but also to make sure the problem is indeed resolved.

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