Get the Maximum Salesforce’s benefits from Merfantz Consulting Service

Since 2001, the Salesforce platform has become an instant hit not only in the B2B sector but also in the B2C sector.  Its unique ecosystem makes a separate world within the tech world making more self -sufficient and head the strong. Merfantz provides the users to migrate CRM data across various CRM platforms. Customers get the maximum benefits from Merfantz consulting service like free sample migration, track customer activity and even more. Their marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and other software give them a ton of advantages. Another significant benefit is it can also improve customer service’s ability to help customers or sales team’s outreach effort. Its greatest strength is that it is a  highly customizable platform due to open infrastructure.

Merfantz is one of the best Salesforce Consultant Service Company and being the Salesforce ISV partner companies with proficient resources. We are good at handling client services, marketing and sales activities. Undeniably, one of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce is the information it retrieves — both the quality and the quantity. It has penetrated a number of business niches and customized its solutions for industry needs in the form of full-fledged CRM software.


  Some key Benefits of Salesforce:

  • Agility, customizability and enterprise level security.
  • Secondly, reliable reporting and Automated workflows.
  • Visual Data Representation
  • Analytics Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Both mobility and digitalized time management.
  • Improved collaboration and third-party extensibility.
  • Following contact management and comprehensive sales forecasting.
  • Supporting resources, platform updates
  • Finally, 360-degree customer view.

Above all, it ensures your software scalability without worrying about the uptime and recovery process. Multiple development tools and prebuilt apps offer limitless possibilities in personalizing the features of your CRM like customization of search & filtering, reporting, or the client’s portal. Also, you can customize various personal display options, page layouts, validation rules, fields, or objects to create a seamless user experience with extended Salesforce functionality. Many layers of Salesforce’s security protect your data from unauthorized access from outside sources. By far, Salesforce has the most advanced and expensive eco-system for third-party applications. Salesforce’s infrastructure and existing technology stack make system integrations a simpler process.

One of the undoubtful Salesforce benefits is an actionable and trustworthy reporting tool that enables you to clean, collate, organize, and tabulate your data to interpret it fast and easy. Additionally, it allows you to centralize all internal and external communication in one place and keep the most critical discussions, records, contact information, and projects in a social feed. Spreadsheets limit you in terms of graphical presentation of your data. Salesforce, on the contrary, allows you to forget about manual putting and importing of your data and allows you to identify what’s important. By having all the information at your fingertips, you can easily prioritize tasks and organize them accordingly. Moreover, due to integration with calendars, you can easily visualize your schedule for the day, week, month, etc.

TO conclude, Merfantz provides wide range of Salesforce related services like implementation, integration, customization, administration, support.

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