FieldAx Software Helps to Maximize Your Productivity and Efficiency

The global field service market is expected to grow to $3.5 billion in 2019. And inside the market, you have plenty of resourceful field service organizations who are looking to get field service software, however, just over half of field service businesses are still doing things manually in their day to day lives.

  • Examining through paper work orders, trying to schedule their technicians using an outdated system such as whiteboards in the office or through Outlook.
  • Technicians in the field must spend valuable time completing those work orders and get them back to the office so they can be turned into invoices, which could take days or weeks.
  • Advances have been made in the field service industry, including plenty in field service management software, along with field service mobile apps.
  • Data is now easily traceable and usable with analytical tools, and scheduling and dispatching technicians is now just a click of a button away.

If you think it’s time to investigate what a field service management software can do for your service delivery, it may be helpful to understand some of the mistakes that generally come up with other field service organizations to evaluate where your organization stands today.

Especially if they are not running any kind of field service software and are maintaining with the manual approach to service delivery.


  • Customer loyalty is starting to shift, as customers are expecting better service for their money and they aren’t afraid to find someone else who will meet their expectations.
  • Any mistake in service can cause a customer to open the phone-book and find another service organization to handle their needs, and generally the first reason they do so is because technicians are arriving late for their scheduled appointment.

Field service management software FieldAx includes plenty of tools to ensure technicians aren’t going to be late and your customers don’t sit around all day waiting for technician.

FieldAx service software also comes with GPS tracking to help technicians get to their job faster, avoiding any major delays.


  • According to Research, the most common complaint of customers is when a technician doesn’t resolve their issue the first time and has to come back. That means the customer must wait around again and the problem still isn’t fixed.
  • There are many reasons for a low first-time fix rate, including sending the wrong technician who doesn’t have the proper skills, inadequate information for the technician going, or no access to parts to finish a repair.
  • Whatever the case may be, a high first-time fix rate will go a long to keeping customers satisfied.

Field service software FieldAx helps in all those areas, as dispatchers can search by skill set to ensure the technician responding to the job is the one who knows how to fix the issue.

With a field service mobile app, technicians can also track the parts they need to finish a repair and if needed, access manuals and older service history to help them with the repair, so they can leave the first time with the issue resolved.

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