Business Process Built on Standard Salesforce Objects and Create a New Process

Here, we defined different type of business process available in salesforce. Refer the below points which is helpful to understand the standard process in salesforce. In standard object has picklist values, to changes these for different users based on profiles.

Lead Process – Lead object
Sales Process – Opportunity object
Support Process – Case object
Solution Process – Solution object

a) Lead Process –

Lead object provide the information about who are interested in your products. You can identify the status of the each lead by Lead Status picklist field values. Values like that contacted, not-contacted, converted, not-converted.

b) Sales Process –

Opportunity object perform these sales process by using Opportunity Stage picklist field value. Opportunity will be created when qualified lead converted. Opportunity contains the potential revenues. You can track sales and pending deals.

c) Support Process –

Case object help to track the customer feedback, problems. By using Status picklist field value to indicates current position of the case. So you can move cases easily.

d) Solution Process –

Solution object provides the common case resolution. So support agent can increase productivity and quick response to the customer. Status picklist field value help to identify the solution position.

How to create a new process?

In Fieldax&Field Service Management, Select which type of business process you need to change, use the below steps.

Go to  — Setup -> Build -> Customize -> Leads /Opportunities/Cases/Solution ->

Lead Process/Sales Process/Support Process/Solution Process ->

Create new process with available picklist values.

Assign this process to a different type of record type.


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