How to Create Lightning App in Salesforce

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To Create an App follow the below steps,
Create a Custom Object
  1. ClickGear Icon for entering setup.and select Setup.
  2. Enter Object Manager in Quick Find, and select Object Manager.
  3. Click Create and select Custom Object.
  4. Create an object as follows:
    • Label: Lightning
    • Plural Label: Lightnings
    • Record Name: Lightning Name
    • Data Type: Text
    • Under Object Creation Options (available only when custom object is first created), select Launch New Custom Tab Wizard after saving this custom object
  5. Click Save.

This directs you to the New Custom Object Tab screen. Next, let’s make the tab.

Create a Custom Tab

Note: If the tab wizard didn’t automatically launch, that’s OK. Otherwise Enter Tabs in Quick Find, and select Tabs. In the Custom Object Tabs section, click New.

Follow these steps to create a tab for your custom object.

  1. Select Lightning for Object.
  2. Click Tab Style and choose any image.
  3. Click NextNext, and Save.

Pull It All Together with an App
  1. From Setup, enter App Manager in Quick Find and select App Manager.
  2. Click New Lightning App.
  3. Complete the New Lightning App wizard as follows:
    1. App Details & Branding:
      • App Name: Lightning App
      • Click into the Developer Name field to auto-populate a value
      • Click Next
    2. Click Next on the next two screens (App Options and Utility Bar).
    3. Select Items:
      • Select the Lightnings item and move it to Selected Items box
      • Click Next
    4. Assign to User Profiles:
      • Select the System Administrator profile and move it to Selected Items box
      • Click Save & Finish

Go to your new Lightning app by clicking the App Launcher.

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