How to Create a Global Quick Actions in Salesforce

Global Quick Actions

In Salesforce we can add global actions to any page that supports actions, like the Home page, the Chatter tab, object pages, and custom Lightning app pages. For example, add a Log a Call action to global layouts to let users record call details right from a Chatter thread.

  1. From Setup, enter Actions in the Quick Find box, then select Global Actions.
  2. Click New Action
  3. Select the type of action to create.
  4. Select Target Object
  5. Enter a label for the action. Users see this label as the name of the action.
    This name is used in the API and managed packages. It must begin with a letter and use only alphanumeric characters and underscores, and it can’t end with an underscore or have two consecutive underscores.
  6. Type a description for the action.
    The description appears on the detail page for the action and in the list on the Buttons, Links, and Actions page. The description isn’t visible to your users.
  7. Optionally, click Change Icon to select a different icon for the action.
    Custom images used for action icons must be less than 1 MB in size.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click New in Predefined Field Values (If needed) and Select a Field and Specific values.
  10. Click Publisher Layout and click edit
  11. Add the Account Action into the global publisher.

Now you can find the Account Action in Chatter and you can create the record.

This blog is very useful to learn about Global Quick Actions.