How to Control Community Membership in Salesforce

Control Membership

Use profiles to lock down your data so that external users see only what you want them to see. You certainly don’t want to give access to malicious users. A user who appears to be a customer can be a reaver (or, as they say on Earth, a hacker) in disguise. Profiles help prevent that from happening.

  1. Got to Setup and Enter “Communities
  2. Select All Communities
  3. Click Workspaces in the community. Here we are choosing our customer community.
  4. From Community Workspaces, select Administration.
  5. select Members.
  6. Under Select Profiles, from the dropdown list, select All.
  7. In the list of Available Profiles, locate the Customers profile and then click Add to add it to Selected Profiles.
  8. Click Save

Salesforce takes a couple of minutes to update membership for your community. You receive an email confirmation.