How to Change the Utility Icon in Salesforce

Utility Icon

This Icon appears in the Utility bar. We can change this icon from choosing other lightning design system utility icon.Please follow the below steps to change the utility icon.

Image of Sales App Utility icon before change as below,

Steps to change the icon as below,

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Enter App in Quick find box
  3. Select App Manager
  4. Click Edit in the App
  5. Select Utility Item Tab
  6. Remove the Existing Icon and choose the new icon
  7. Click Save Button

The Utility Icon changed successfully,

Image of Sales App Utility icon After change as below,

You can change the utility icon when you create the utility bar or else you can change it after creation of utility bar.

Note :

Some utilities don’t let you change icons. Like,

  • History
  • Macros
  • Note